Peppermill - The Dubai Mall - Where every dish has a story to tell …

A homegrown brand ‘Peppermill’, inspired by colonial India. It’s a casual dining restaurant offering Indian cuisine with inventive recipes and alluring flavours to stimulate the palate and gratify the senses. At Peppermill we change the notion that Indian haute cuisine can only be created using age old recipes and ideas. Each element of Peppermill upturns traditional expectations.
We believe that food should constantly evolve and people must adapt to it. Our team creates dishes and menu with Indian colonial design, ingredients along with the local and international product to create a distinctive layering of flavours.
Peppermill is all about exciting culinary vogue to explore. Finally, the wait is over, here, Peppermill step in Dubai Mall as the first colonial Indian restaurant with regional classic dishes such as Duck Uttapam, Paniyaaram, Edamame Potato Dosa, Methi Malai Murg, Andhra Chicken Curry, Cod Fish Biryani & Brisket Laal Mass, US smoked beef cooked in Rajwada style.
Peppermill Dubai Mall is located on 2nd floor; with antique touch & royal Interiors with modern seating along with few private cubicles as well.
We believe good service is such an essential part of a good meal. We have a team across India to get you the best colonial experience at Peppermill Dubai Mall.
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